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Whether you're looking to settle down and catch up on the latest book you've been reading or just enjoy an evening with friends, you won't find a better spot. Pay us a visit and make this evening one to remember.

Enjoy a milkshake

You won't find any better place for a smooth, creamy milkshake than Honeydip Donuts.


Make us your first choice when it comes to dessert, pay us a visit and enjoy a milkshake soon.

Having trouble picking out what flavor is right for you? Not to worry, you can always count on our friendly, expert staff to give you a helpinghand in deciding the perfect flavor for your ice cream or milkshake.

Try 6 Amazing Kemps Ice Cream Flavors

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Come in and relax

Looking for a new way to enjoy dessert? Come in to Honeydip Donuts and try out one of our 6 great ice cream flavors after your meal today. From classic vanilla and beyond, you can't go wrong with our delicious ice cream choices.

Let us help you choose the flavor for you

Enjoy any one of our 6 delicious flavors, call


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Cookie & Cream

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